My name is Enaya and I’m going to be helping Celeste and Anabel with assisting you and the other seniors with the college process because we all know that the process could be stressful. So, I’m here to ease some of your stress by helping you through the process as you need. Just like you. I also attended Community School For Social Justice. I graduated in the class of 2018. You probably saw me in the halls or something. But with that being said I understand what you guys are going through. I am a college student attending York College. I’m currently a Sophomore but soon to be a Junior. So If you have any questions, or need help throughout the college process don’t be afraid to contact me. Through Calendly where you can set an appointment with me through office hours. Also, you can email me at I also have an Instagram account just for my seniors so you can follow me at enaya.corbin where I would post important information. Please just keep me updated on your college process. Congratulations on graduating and getting accepted to the college you want. Thank you and enjoy your night!!!

sincerely, your College Coach

Enaya Corbin

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